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To save you the time and hassle involved in assembling an outdoor camera system on your own, Bosch introduces the KBE-485V28-20 Prepackaged surveillance kit. In this kit you'll find a DinionXF box camera, a 2.8-10mm varifocal lens, an outdoor housing, a mounting bracket and a 5' power and video cable.

To simplify installation, the package ships with the lens already attached to the camera, and with the power/video cables pre-wired through the base of the housing. You'll also appreciate the way you can neatly and securely thread the wires through the mounting bracket.

With the camera's outstanding performance and with the housing's built-in heater and blower, here's a system you can count on to effectively secure your outdoor perimeters.

NightSense for Increased Light Sensitivity
In NightSense mode, the camera applies a number of electronic controls to boost the camera's sensitivity to light. The result is a marked improvement in image brightness during nighttime hours.

XF-Dynamic (Wide Dynamic Range)
XF-Dynamic WDR deals with scenes containing both bright and dark areas within the same frame. Through the use of a complex algorithm, XF-Dynamic is able to brighten the dark areas without affecting the already bright parts of an image. Consequently, a WDR camera is a must for glass enclosed lobbies, restaurants and similar areas often plagued by high contrast and harsh backlighting.

Built-In Heater & Blower
A built-in heater and blower system helps keep internal housing temperatures at optimum camera operating levels. This way, you can safely use the camera in temperatures as low as -40°F (-40°C) and as high as 122°F (50°C).

Bilinx Bi-Directional Communication
As with other Bosch cameras, the Dinion camera inside this package supports Bosch's Bilinx bi-directional communication protocol. With Bilinx, you can configure or change camera settings simply by tapping into the camera's BNC cable from anywhere along its length without the the need to physically access the camera. Bilinx requires the use of optional software and hardware tools.

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