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The PIRAMID (Passive InfraRed and Microwave Intruder Detector) combines Steroe Doppler Microwave and Passive Infraredtechnologies into an intrusion sensor in which both technologies must activate simultaneously to create a sensor alarm. The Stereo Doppler Microwave portion activates on the movement of the intruder and the Passive Infrared portion activates on the change in infrared radiation caused by the intruder.

The PIRAMID was designed to satisfy high level and medium level security requirements as well as those environmentally diificult applications. Utilizing the unique combination of Stereo Doppler Microwave and Passive Infrared in a Dual Technology sensor not only increases stability but also permits greater detection sensitivity. The high false alarm rejection attributed to this unique combination enables the detection sensitivity of each technology portion to be dramatically increased to levels far beyond sensitivity levels that would be practical if used as single technology sensors. The result is greater detection sensitivity, greater stability and higher security. PIRAMID is the ultimate in Dual Technology Sensors.

STEREO DOPPLER MICROWAVE DETECTOR - Two receiving channels with the ability to eliminate vibration and periodically moving objects as sources of false alarms.
DUAL ELEMENT INFRARED DETECTOR - Ignores normal temperature variations yet is very responsive to rapid infrared changes created by an intruder.
MICROPROCESSOR CONTROLLED - Proprietary integrated circuit design that provides enhanced digital signal processing for microwave sensor.
DIGITAL RANGE CONTROL - Ten-position digital switch adjusts the overall size of the sensor's detection area (to its maximum range).
DIGITAL SENSITIVITY CONTROL - Ten-position digital switch adjusts the amount of movement required to initiate an alarm condition.
BALANCED TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION - Stereo Doppler Microwave and Passive Infrared portions automatically adjust detection parameters to compensate for losses in range that occur at elevated temperatures.
ASSORTED PROTECTION PATTERNS - Interchangeable Fresnel Lens Modules offer a tremendous assortment of protection patterns of optimum felxibilty.
STEREO DOPPLER SUPERVISION - A component or power failure will cause the sensor to lock-in alarm.
MASTER LED - Displayed on the face of the unit indicating the alarm relay status.
ANALYTIC LED'S - Alarm and Environmental Caution LED's for both technologies displayed on the face of the sensor. An internal switch can disable both Master and Analytic LED's.
ALL SOLID STATE RELAY - User selectable form C relay output.
METAL HOUSING - Rugged housing offers maximum protection against RFI and EMI interference
SWIVEL MOUNTING - multi-directional.
Fluorescent Filter Module - FF-3 Fluorescent Filter is a plug in printed circuit board module that can be field installed on the sensor in applications where nearby fluorescent lighting is affecting sensor performance. The FF-3 Fluorescent Filter is highly recommended in applications where fluorescent lighting will be left on during the protected hours and the lighting fixtures are located in the sensors field of view (within 20ft.).

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