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SKU: SDI-76MW $719.00
Models SDI-76MW and SDI-77MW are indoor microwave intrusion sensors designed for applications where the very highest level of security is required. As in all Protech intrusion sensors, Models SDI-76MW and SDI-77MW utilize Protech's propietary "Stereo Doppler" Microwave technology.

In 1980, a technological breakthrough in microwave signal processing termed "Stereo Doppler" was developed. This technology became the basis for Protech's high security military sensor designs. unlike conventional microwave sensors, Protech sensors can actually determine the exact distance in inches (cm) that a target must move to create a valid alarm signal. In addition, sensors equipped with Stereo Doppler technology can ignore vibration and randomly moving objects (swinging signs, overhead doors, moving displays etc.) as potential sources of nuisance alarms. The benefit is a higher level of security without the nuisance alarms. Models SDI-76MW and SDI-77MW are typically used in military and government installations.

STEREO DOPPLER MICROWAVE DETECTOR - Two receiving channels with the ability to eliminate vibration and periodically moving objects as sources of false alarms.
MICROPROCESSOR CONTROLLED - Proprietary integrated circuit design that provides enhanced digital signal processing for microwave sensor.
STEREO DOPPLER SUPERVISION - A component or power failure will cause the sensor to lock-in alarm.
DIGITAL RANGE CONTROL - Ten-position digital switch adjusts the overall size of the sensor's detection area (to its maximum range).
DIGITAL SENSITIVITY CONTROL - Ten-position digital switch adjusts the amount of movement required to initiate an alarm condition.
ALL SOLID STATE RELAY - User selectable form C relay output. A Solid State relay is flexible, silent, and more reliable than an electromechanical relay.
Master Alarm LED – Displayed on the face of the unit indicating the alarm relay status.
Metal Housing – Rugged and durable offers maximum protection against RFI and EMI interference.
Swivel Mounting - 180° Hor. 90° Ver.
*HS Auxiliary PC Board - Optional factory installed satellite printed circuit board that provides anti-masking and remote self-test features.
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